What is Personal Training, is it affordable and what does it look like?

Once upon a time Personal Trainers simply did not exist, back in the 70’s & 80’s people went to an aerobics class or they went jogging. Then the world became lazy and we provided more ways for people to eat and drink more, and less ways for people to exercise, meaning we consumed more and moved less and that is increasing every day. Have a McDonald’s delivered to your house, or go to a drive through coffee shop and buy yourself a ‘Frappelattemochachino’ !

‘PT’ or ‘One to One Coaching’ is perfect for those of you who cannot attend a class because of time commitment, work as an example. It is also a great solution if you are self conscious and uncomfortable working as part of a group environment, we are all far more aware of social anxiety, stress and depression these days and so I understand that it is indeed very hard to turn up to a room full of strangers and perform exercise.

The most common reason for choosing a ‘PT’ is simple. You have a specific goal or would like help to set a specific goal and you need the expertise, experience and a professional person who has the knowledge and tools to help you achieve that. I have been working with one to one clients for 10 years now and have worked with hundreds of clients – both young, old, male and female with great success. Occasionally someone will contact me about a specific goal and if it is an area that isn’t a speciality for me I will simply refer them to someone who is. Everyone is different, the way I work with people is different, there isn’t an ‘off the shelf’ package to sell to everyone that works. I only work with a set number of clients at anyone time so that the service I offer isn’t diluted and I insist on a minimum of one phone call and one meeting with a 24h cooling off period before we agree to work together. Personal means personal, so you have to like me and trust that I can help you, and vice versa. I train all of my clients in a private studio, not an open gym or health club where you are on show and sharing equipment, I don’t video or photograph any of my clients for social media advertising unless the client specifically wants to post up themselves and I try and make myself available all of the time for questions, tips and advice. I’ve trained some of my current clients for well over 5 years now and often organise social meet ups, drinks at Christmas etc.

Is it affordable ?

Well, what is affordable ? Have you ever added up how much money you have spent getting out of shape and was that affordable ? The most important asset you own is you, so how much are you prepared to invest on that asset to ensure it continues to serve you well on daily basis, be a mum, dad, husband, wife, grandparent, brother, sister, friend or colleague?

We can compare prices, we can choose cheaper, we can get a deal and we can hope that it works out, but you really cannot put a price on extending your life and improving your wellbeing.

One hour with me is £37, prepaid in advance.