About Paul

Hi, I’m Paul

I’m 48, married with two wonderful young daughters, I love to be busy and my life is full of amazing things which include volunteering for the RNLI as LifeBoat Crew in Hastings, being the president of our local Hastings Round Table http://www.hastingsroundtable.co.uk and i am currently the Chairman of Hastings Beer & Music festival www.hbmf.co.uk

My competitive CV is quite varied, but i love endurance events and still compete for my local club Hastings AC. http://www.hastingsathleticclub.co.uk

To date, i have been lucky to compete in the below events and always encourage everyone to have a go at something they think isn’t possible.

25 half marathons,
38 marathons,
6 full ironman triathlons
4 70.3 ironman triathlons
22 Ultra Marathons, including the Centurion Double Grand Slam, Marathon Des Sables & UTMB.

In 2007 & 2008 both of my parents sadly passed away after battling cancer. Neither were particularly healthy or involved themselves in regular exercise, and after their deaths I decided to leave a career that was not fulfilling along the 20 years of commuting to and from London which was not doing anything positive for my own wellbeing.

Whilst in London, commuting, bad diet and lack of regular exercise caused me to gain some excess fat and although to a majority of people I wasn’t ‘overweight’, to me I knew I was and wasn’t happy with the direction my life was heading.

I spent some time educating myself on basic nutrition and the best way to fuel the body and burn calories and fat. It wasn’t too hard and so I decided to start running,  i joined a gym and invested some time and money into creating a confident, objective, positive mindset and approach, and this is how i teach and approach each day.



Fast forward a little and I was 22kg lighter, I’d completed my first ever half marathon in 1 hour 48 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed regular exercise. I decided to embark on a new career to try and help other people achieve something for themselves. The love and passion to progress started at that point, the desire to help people live a healthy and happy life grew from that small foundation stone.

My business continues to change, evolve and grow in many directions – it has to. The nature of the world we live in, the time pressures and commitments which we impose on ourselves and the failure to correctly prioritise life regularly stops us all from treating the one valuable asset we have, the body in a way we should. Almost 30% of the UK is obese with 3.4 million diagnosed Type 2 diabetic and it’s increasing.

With a forecasted 46,000 personal trainers in the UK (19,000 registered on the CIMSPA) and for the first time ever over 10 million gym users, why is obesity, diabetes and other life threatening illnesses not on the decline?

The answer is simple, education, discipline and expectation. Training with me is simple, you will expect something from me, and I will expect something from you. I will educate you, I will align and manage your expectations and you will need to commit and be disciplined. When we achieve all of this, whatever your goal you will achieve and you cannot put a value on that.