Group Training is a great way of exercising regularly, meeting new and like minded people and learning new skills & techniques from the various classes that i offer, and of course having fun!

All group sessions are run by me as the instructor, the numbers are limited to 30 people with an average attendance across all sessions of 15-20 people. I believe in variety and do my best to make sure not one single session is repeated, particularly with Indoor Cycling or Circuit Training. This keeps it fresh and helps people commit as some people prefer certain sessions over others, so I try and please everyone whilst continually testing myself as well as my clients on what we can achieve in the sessions. All of my classes have always been pay as you go, if you can’t attend, you don’t pay – simple!

Run Club has been going for 10 years and welcomes all abilities. Everyone who approaches me says “I’m rubbish, and I’ll be at the back, does that matter?” the answer to that is simple. You are there for you, I accommodate all abilities, I coach all abilities and there will always be someone who is able to run quicker than you and someone who probably cannot. If you want to learn to run more economically with great form, pace, endurance and speed, then run club is for you. If you hate running with other people, don’t enjoy having a good laugh, don’t want to beat that person who is always just ahead of you, run club definitely isn’t for you!

I am UK Athletics qualified with a Coach in Running Fitness licence and i previously coached for Hastings Athletic Club, I will coach you on everything that will assist you in leaving your comfy arm chair and heading out of the door. Be it a gentle jog, park run or 100+ ultra marathon, you can be coached.

Pay as you train £5.

Circuit Training, a class I love and one that I started as my first class in January 2010. The best way to train as a group is as a circuit, with varying exercises & equipment, varying recovery, varying effort and lots of hard work topped with fun. It doesn’t matter if there are 4 people or 30, whether it’s inside in the winter months or outside in the summer – it’s always rewarding and many friendships have been established from these regular sessions. Suitable for all abilities, adapted for anyone with limitations and always a full hour, I would definitely recommend this class to you.

Pay as you train £5.

Indoor Cycling (aka Spin) – I started this class by chance about 8 years ago and it boomed overnight into a Sunday ‘Fix’ of energy and euphoria! I had previously attended many spin classes as a spinner, but found them to be either too gimmicky or just not close enough to a road cycle. So I started to teach the way I wanted to train myself for my bike events, with great music and energy. What I hear from lots of clients is “it’s the best class” or “it’s the hardest class I’ve ever been too and I loved it”. We train on ICG IC6 modern smart bikes and use MyRide and Coach by Colour coaching systems which enables me to level the ability of the class and get everyone to work at the same percentage of their ability for the entire session, which is always around 60 mins. The spin studio is at Summerfields Sports Centre in Bohemia Road and its £8 pay as you train with a pre-book only system or a pre-pay and book x10 discounted to £76.

Friday Beach Circuits (aka Beach Fit) – 6am start, 45 minute session on the beach at the Park Run start line. It’s fresh, its early and it’s a great way to kick start your day. I instruct a circuits based session which varies from strength and conditioning to H.I.I.T. Sometimes with equipment and sometimes without.

Pay as you train £5, pre-pay scheme to be released.

Sunday Circuits – This used to be ‘ladies’ only, and that seemed unfair so we now open up to all. I hold the class at the Hastings Lifeboat House in Hastings Old Town at 7.30am, although the time can vary depending on whether I have my own training or competitions. Light hearted, it’s the easiest class of the week and very popular in the summer.

Pay as you train £5.