Over the years I have spent training people, it is inevitable that conversations sway away from ‘training chat’ now and again. I spend many hours with people and I find ‘human nature’, behaviour and decision making fascinating. Now, don’t get me wrong I definitely have not been there, done it, wrestled King Kong and conquered the world. It’s actually quite common that I have a bad day, a day when i’m not sure I can face the world and would rather lock myself away and keep myself company. My childhood wasn’t particularly pleasant and I try and forget as much as I can about how I was made to feel growing up with an angry and abusive father. I left school as soon as could, was quiet, shy, felt rubbish at everything and hated sports. I got a job, because I was told the only way to get anywhere in life is to pay my way and further education would be a waste of time. “genius”!!

So I ended up in a job in London, wasn’t specifically something I’d always dreamed of, but paid well, people seemed nice. It wasn’t really me but I grafted as best I could and ended up managing a sales team on a trading floor at an Investment Bank in London, not bad really, some would say.

20 years later I found myself in a company I hated, with people I hated and regularly felt stuck, bored and “surely there has to be more to it than this”… I literally would have paid any amount of money back then to have had some understanding guidance, a person who could listen and help me redirect my life. But I didn’t have access to anyone and so did it all on my own off the back of my parent’s deaths.

What many people do not realise is that we all dream about change, we all seek ’that’ change and yet fail to actually put an action plan into place and end up stuck in the same frustrating daily cycle. What I am able to do is listen, understand, translate and give you a black and white honest approach to how you can make steps to that change you desire, need and have dreamt about. We should all feel more confident, worry less about the small trivial stuff and what people do or don’t think about us.

I went from a lost, demotivated and bored recruitment consultant to a self employed business owner and Ultra Marathon runner.

If you have read this far, I’m guessing you may be interested?

So what happens next, simple really, just give me your mobile number or email and I’ll contact you.