“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”

Do you believe that someone can have optimism, hope, confidence and be motivated to continually achieve ?

The most successful & inspirational people on this planet didn’t get there alone, they all had days where they felt lost and unsure whether to carry on and in what direction.

We can all get some inspiration from a click of a button, the internet is full of material to pick us up and get motivated. There are many TV shows that inspire us to go and do things we’ve never done before, how many of you have watched the London Marathon on TV and said “I’m going to do that next year”, only for a week later you talk yourself out of it as a stupid idea because you would never get round a marathon.

The only one thing that stops us being whatever we want to be – IS YOU!

I have been invited in to many professional organisations, schools and businesses to talk to people about my life decisions, achievements, failures and how I made those decisions and overcame my fears. I break down obstacles, fears, rejection and I’ll tell you some key things that will leave you feeling objective, lifted and ready to take on a challenge you have dreamt of at some stage of your life.

If you would like me to come and talk to you, whether that’s a school, business, club or organisation – please get in touch. The most amazing part of my work is talking to children, inspiring them, giving them confidence and watching their expressions when you tell them you ran around Mont Blanc for 45 hours.

Client Testimonial

Paul is such an inspiration. He is a down to earth and a brilliant motivational speaker. When he spoke to the children at Westfield, he sparked their interest by explaining the journey of his life. Every child saw that with determination and hardwork anything is possible. I would definitely recommend him as a speaker, to inspire young children to move more and become fitter. I have no doubt that Paul's words will stay with the children and motivate them to have a growth mindset and believe in their ability to achieve their goals.

Westfield School

I asked Paul to come and join us on a one day seminar to talk about mental and physical health, wellbeing and how to achieve a balanced lifestyle amongst the pressures of the modern world. Paul spoke about his previous career in London and how he decided to give it up to be self employed as a trainer & coach. His approach and personality made listening engaging and so inspiring.

Time Out Associates

We invited Paul in to Pevensey and Westham CE Primary school to help our pupils see the benefits of healthy living. Paul’s visit entailed a very honest recount of his own journey, from a starting point where exercise and nutrition were absent. The pupils were amazed to see Paul’s ‘before’ photo and the reality of how a normal person could achieve, really became something tangible. We have used a wealth of inspirational sports heroes to inspire our pupils, but their success has often felt out of reach. Paul’s journey raised the children’s aspirations as he took them, step by step, through the simple changes he made to the ambitious targets and challenges he set himself. The children learnt the value of aiming high, self belief, consistency, resilience and perseverance. Paul’s talk especially highlighted how journeys like these, are not easy but that the feeling of success and achievement, is a reward in itself.
As a school, we built on Paul’s message, by setting ourselves personal challenges and pushing ourself to meet them. The children certainly took on the message that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.
We are very grateful to Paul for speaking with the children and would certainly recommend him to any school thinking about helping children raise their aspirations in life.

Jo Campbell

Pevensey & Westham School