A few years ago I was approached with the idea of offering online coaching, at the time I was not confident that it was something that I could offer, or that there would be a demand for it. That changed very quickly and I now have a number of clients who benefit from the various online services that I offer. This is a brilliant way of tapping into a PT, gaining coaching tips, nutrition help, training plans and sessions when you are unable to attend a class or one to one session. The ultra marathon and triathlon market is growing and more people are seeking the help of online coaches. Until recently I was working with a coach based in Chamonix, France who is a fantastic ultra-marathon runner and will return to have further coaching in the future as even as a coach myself, I struggle to fit in the time needed to train myself.

Online training is custom and built as a package dependant on the clients needs and availability.

• 30 min video calls, this is an opportunity to train via screen link up to 3 times a week, or the time can be used to set goals, discuss injuries, race plans, diet & nutrition plans or more.

• Online training plans, if you have entered or want to enter an event and need a bespoke training plan I can supply this as a shared item on a specific training platform that my clients have a sign in and access to. Previously this has worked very well for half marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon runners.

• Distance training, a fully comprehensive support and training service, comprising nutrition mapping, program building, training schedules, wellness guide, video support, performance measuring and much more. Accessible to anyone globally, whether you are overseas or within the UK and need follow something that gives accountability.

If would like to understand more about how this could benefit you, please get in touch with me.